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An evening of sound healing with evidential mediumship, spirit art, and numerology. Book early as seating is limited.

Live Demonstration and Healing Circle


Live Demonstration

Join us for an evening of Evidential mediumship, spirit art, and numerology.

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Magic Night Event Paestum 12/2/2022


I feel very privileged to be working once again with Elisabetta Lupano, Trance Medium and owner of Spirit Academy in Italy. This retreat is being held at what was once a convent in Viterbo, Italy (roughly 1 hour from Rome city center) June 22-25, 2023.

Among the many offerings, trance and mediumship courses will be held for you to delve deeper and strengthen your connection to the spirit world. I’ll also be teaching psychic and trance art and Elisabetta will be mesmerizing us with her magical gong and harp sounds.

This retreat is in Italian and a basic level of mediumship is a prerequisite. Basic level mediumship courses are offered at the Academy. Courses in English may be possible with a minimum level of participants.

Contact Loredana and Spirit Academy for more details: 347 160 7730.

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