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About Me

Intuizione Fotografica Di Loredana D'Aquilio

I’m a psychic intuitive and have spent many years cultivating my ability to see, feel, hear and sense in a mediumistic manner with those in spirit and psychically with those in the physical. At an early age, I received premonitions and downloads of events to come as well as psychic impressions from those around me. These confused me as I was unaware of what to do with this information or why it was being received.  I also felt different because my interests as a child were things that were below the surface and often not known, understood, seen or talked about by others. There were times where my sensitivity was too much for my body to handle, and I would have to retreat from family or group gatherings, which even further created a sense of loneliness and isolation. 


Also as a child, I was not aware that future life events were not set in stone and that intuitive guidance could be useful in making life decisions and creating desired outcomes. After understanding these abilities more fully as an adult, I now understand that my fate is not set in stone, I have the ability to choose my path and spirit is always present directing and guiding my every step. 


It is my hope that you will come to know

that YOU are guided, supported and blessed

every step of this journey. 

It is my mission to be a conduit

and a voice for spirit

so that you may experience a stronger connection

with your loved ones,

guides and inspirers beyond the veil.

Through our interaction may you find greater peace, joy and clarity.





My Philosophy

These psychic and mediumistic capacities are not special “gifts”, but innate abilities that we all possess. Like everything in this material realm, psychic and mediumistic abilities come easier to some, but are open to all and these skills have to be cultivated and honed in on in order to reach their full potential. We ALL possess the ability to communicate with loved ones in spirit and tune into the energies of the living. We just weren’t taught this in school. Most often children are trained out of these faculties in favor of more acceptable, “practical” analytical skills. Usually by the age of seven imagination and inspiration, crucial components to the opening of spiritual “circuits”, have, to a large extent been shut down. Because this ability lies dormant within us as adults what we must do to cultivate it back is to capture that childlike innocence by trusting, believing and working the muscle of imagination. 

You will often hear that through either a dramatic event such as a death of a loved one, health diagnosis, or a near death experience that people awaken to their abilities. Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Spiritual awakening can be an easier gentler more pleasurable experience if we just pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and take even just 10 minutes out of every day to calm our minds, sit in silence, breathe and open to receive the guidance within us. In the beginning the guidance may come in whispers or nudges that are often misinterpreted as originating from the physical self, but the more one trains and works in this manner, the more indisputable divine guidance becomes.


Through faith, trust and dedication to the daily practice a revelation can occur i.e. the guidance which we have sought outside ourselves has always been right there inside our hearts. Abundance is open to us, our guides, ancestors and loved ones are a part of us, have always been with us, and can never leave us. 

So, I welcome you to a new adventure

where heaven on earth awaits. 

It is an honour and a privilege to work with spirit in order to

support you on this journey

to re-awaken the soul, connect with your loved ones in spirit

and to help you live a more inspired life. 



Intuizione Fotografica di Loredana D'Aquilio
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